Advertisement on the website

Exhibition websites are visited by thousands of people; it is especially popular on the eve of the exhibition. 

Advertising on our website is an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of potential partners and customers and invite them to your stand.

In addition, it can work for you the year round, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Banner advertisement (230х90 рх)
1 On the main page 275 euro /month
Banner advertisement (217х192 рх)
2 Banner in one section 160 euro/month
Banner on all website pages 275 euro/month
Banner advertisement (100х100 рх)
3Banner in the section “Information partners”90 euro/month
Banner advertisement (640х100 рх)
In the general catalogue 140 euro/month
In one of the catalogues (Baby Toys, Baby Fashion, Baby and Mother Health) 100 euro/month


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International Exhibition Center

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Project Manager 
Mrs. Nataliya Fidorenko

Tel.: +38044 456-38-04

International Relations Manager 
Mrs. Lisa Nagornaya
Tel.: +38063 233-25-61
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