Baby Events

Events aimed at baby goods industry specialists are annually held within the framework of the Forum. 

These are:

Participation in such events can help you broaden your knowledge, navigate in today's trends. It is also a perfect opportunity to establish useful contacts.


Everybody interested in holding a seminar or a presentation is welcome. You can make a presentation of new products and brands, organize a master class or a seminar for its target audience.

Our main goal is to be useful to you

You can send us a preliminary application from our website or to contact:

Aleksandra Ivanyuk        skype:advert.acco
tel. +38 044 458 46 21/ 22/ 23

Take part in BABY EVENTS


02660, Kiev, Ukraine Brovarsky Ave., 15
International Exhibition Center

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Project Manager 
Mrs. Nataliya Fidorenko

Tel.: +38044 456-38-04

International Relations Manager 
Mrs. Lisa Nagornaya
Tel.: +38063 233-25-61
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