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Ravil Safiullin, Нead of the State Service for Youth and Sports of Ukraine

52ce776e8722d.jpegRavil Safiullin, head of the State Service for Youth and Sports of Ukraine Forum BABY EXPO is the largest exhibition of goods and services for children in Ukraine, which undoubtedly contributes to the formation of the country's market and stimulates domestic producers.

TM Monkey

TM Monkey Thanks so much to everybody! We are grateful to the organizers, service personnel and our neighbors – manufacturers of children's clothes for nice atmosphere, new experience and a good time.

Grzegorz Trylski, TAKO

From year to year the show keeps getting better. It is encouraging that new contests have appeared - "Best Toy" and "Best Pram”; this suggests a dynamic and positive development. It would be nice to organize another contest for the best stand design. We are always happy to come to the Ukrainian exhibitions, as only here we find nice atmosphere. Almost all of the products presented on our stand are new items. We represent a completely new for the Ukrainian market carriages made of linen and jeans that do not contain harmful substances and are hypoallergenic. We got a lot of new contacts, because due to exhibition, it is easier for us to promote our brand in Ukraine. TAKO company already has three offices in Ukraine, but it plans to expand its network.

Mila Korniychuk, Dream Makers

We liked the exhibition. Many of our partners participated in it. We are pleased with the area and location. Certainly, there are moments that are impossible to foresee - light, water, technical difficulties. The concept of our stand is unique - we have created 10 thematic rooms, each of which consisted of new items in different directions.

Alexander Koval, LLC “СarStyle"

Alexander Koval, LLC “СarStyle" Organization of the exhibition is wonderful, we are very pleased with the number of visitors. Thanks to the head of the exhibition, we were able to get a very good location that undoubtedly affects the interest of the guests. Regarding the results, it is too early to talk about them. I can say with confidence that out of 100% of new contacts, 50% - are already our new partners.

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