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International trade fair of children's goods

Masyanya toy trading company: quantity multiplied by quality


Repair your cart in December, in July your sledge remember. Masyanya, our longtime partner and exhibitor at BABY EXPO for the past 10 years, was one of the first companies to express strong desire and readiness for participation in the next edition of BABY EXPO to be held in March 2019.

‘BABY EXPO offers up-to-the-minute marketing information and opportunity to join efforts for the development of Ukraine’s market of high-quality baby and children’s products,’ said Volodymyr Holobyn, director of Masyanya, the largest toy trading company in the Western Ukraine. Masyanya has been operating in toy market for over 14 years and has been engaged in wholesale trade for over 10 years. It offers a wide range of toys by over 25 Ukrainian manufacturers and soft toys by itself.

- It is probably impossible to deal with such products without being a child at heart. Are there any toys you like the most?

Sure. As every person, I have my favorite toys. But, you know, demand determines supply, so we have to focus on customer feedback. Moreover, we commonly are one step ahead. I am often advised by my own kids who are keeping abreast of ‘new to the world’ toys and games. While other toy trading companies are still hesitating about buying a toy and trying to determine its salability, we have already bought it and offered to retailers.

- Are your products intended for any buyer?

Mass buyers are interested in mid-price or even lower-price segment. And we should meet their demands.

- Is toy market growing?

Let’s say, it is active. The ice broke up in 2006. At that time, people started getting low-interest loans that resulted in much better consumption possibilities, including in toy and game market. Product range was expanded significantly by toy manufacturers to include much more interesting and innovative toys. We also spread our wings and shifted from retail to wholesale trade. And then we grew into one of the largest toy trading companies in the Western Ukraine. We had a lot of brand new products to offer both to small wholesale and retail companies.

Today we are ramping up by expanding our product range. But purchasing power of toy consumers, which is a key factor that determines market conditions, is worryingly decreasing.

- Buyers interested in higher-price segment are skeptical about the quality of products made in Ukraine, aren’t they?

It looks like they are just able to buy from higher-price segment stores, i.e. Antoshka, СНІССО. Products offered by them have perfect quality but heavy price. Nevertheless, toys by Ukrainian manufacturers are of very good quality. They do not compare with toys manufactured in Ukraine two or three years ago.

- You offer toys both by Ukrainian and Chinese manufacturers. Doesn’t it affect your credibility?

Not in the least. If you mean quality, Chinese products have not been perceived as garbage for quite some time. We have partners who supply children’s toys from China as well. We are very pleased with our cooperation, because all toys supplied are of high quality.

The very first question asked by toy retailers today is about quality of fabrics, safety of dyes, etc. Non-certified harmful materials have long been in the past. Today’s toys are accompanied with sanitary and epidemiological examination reports issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and certificates of conformance. Imported toys should have labels translated into Ukrainian; in other cases they have been smuggled into Ukraine and their quality has not been inspected.

- Holiday season, harvest time for every toy seller, is ahead. Have you any tangible benefits from it?

Yes, indeed. Relatively few parents buy small New Year gifts, and the majority of them buy big and expensive New Year gifts long-awaited by their children.

- What is a must for a successful toy business: passion or diligence?

You should burn with enthusiasm, or you have no point to start. Especially if you work is connected with children’s products. In my young days, I tried to enter a school of medicine but failed. When I was out of the army in early 1990s, the dreams of my youth fell by the wayside, and life took over. Now I care about children’s hearts, put smiles on children’s faces. I am passionate about my work.

- You have been BABY EXPO exhibitor for the past 10 years. How has participation in BABY EXPO contributed to your development?

First, we were actively looking for new customers. And BABY EXPO, international trade fair of baby and children’s products with the largest number of visitors in Ukraine, was like a breath of fresh air for us. Today it is a perfect communication platform, a get-together we cannot do without. It helps us to boost position, expand sales market, and make people happy.

Prepared by BABY EXPO team

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