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World Quality Day

World Quality Day

World Quality Day is celebrated every year around the world on the second Thursday of November.

World Quality Day was established in 1990 under the initiative of the European Organization for Quality. It was designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organizational and national growth, and prosperity. European Quality Week was established in 1996.

For 2018, the theme of the World Quality Day celebrated on 08 November is a question of trust which focuses on reputation and trust.

Reputations are built on trust. Trust is a hard-earned commodity, yet one which can be squandered in a moment. Therefore, in 2018, we are celebrating the role that everyone in an organization plays in building and sustaining trust for all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, staff, regulators, shareholders and society.

The quality management profession is about helping organizations put in place competent systems (e.g. HACCP) to ensure that the activity of an organization consistently delivers on its promises to customers and stakeholders, an assurance framework to help the organizations understand operational risk, and an improvement framework to mitigate it and improve.

These systems combined with your culture of quality are your investment in trust and reputation. The quality profession is your business partner in enhancing trust in your organization.

World Quality Day is your opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your team and stakeholders, and recognize those that uphold trust to sustain and improve performance every day of the year.

We are also joining this global initiative. We wish you every success and hope that you will never encounter fraud and malpractice incidents.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you some stories by BABY EXPO exhibitors who are very concerned about quality.

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