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Sustainable fashion: hype and news, myths and reality


Time: 14:10 ----- 14:50

Sustainable fashion: hype and news, myths and reality


What do we have to do today to avoid being left out of fashion business tomorrow? If sustainable fashion was just a trend three or five years ago, today fashion leaders are one by one integrating the principles of conscious consumption into their business models. What is sustainable fashion? Is it important, and if so, why? What real examples of sustainable fashion may be applied in business, and which are nothing more than a fiction? Do you personally need sustainable fashion and where to start?

The event is useful for fashion designers, marketing professionals who promote fashion products, trademark owners, members of fashion communities, people who deal with conscious consumption and minimization of fashion industry impact on the environment.


Lesia Bartetska, alumna of Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), master of Fashion Forecasting program at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (Ukraine), TV stylist.


Admission is free for visitors of BABY EXPO!