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Specialized shops are growing in popularity in Ukraine

Specialized shops are growing in popularity in Ukraine

According to Nielsen study based on the last year’s data, 90% of Ukrainian customers prefer shopping in specialized shops. Regardless of the fact that shopping is mainly relatable to large shopping centres, super- and hypermarkets, small specialized shops have their own advantages. So, as mentioned by UTG analysts, specialized and neighbourhood shops as well as niche formats will be growing in popularity in the nearest future in Ukraine.

According to Nielsen study, the main reason for specialized shops is the fact that modern exacting customers want to find all they need at a single shop, and specific products or brands are determining factors. Dmytro Terokhin, UTG senior analyst, noted that smart concept of small shopping centres and neighbourhood shops will be growing in popularity. He also stressed that brands represented in large shopping and leisure centres will be in demand if having shops in small shopping centres.

The poll conducted by Nielsen revealed several customer trends. First, focus on the specialized range meeting customer needs. According to the study, 51% of Ukrainian customers noted that they choose a specialized shop if they can find a specific product or brand there. Second, 62% of Ukrainian customers noted that customer service in specialized shops is better that in large shopping centres. In light of this, 65% are ready to pay more for better customer experience, and 58% consider design and customer experience at specialized shops to be better than at non-specialized ones. Third, 59% of Ukrainian customers agree that specialized shop retailers have more attractive promotional offers and deals. However, 50% believe that product quality is better in specialized shops.

Source: All Retail

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